Harding Heights Ranch Summer Horse Camps for ages 10+

⭐️ Harding Heights Ranch Summer Horse Camps for ages 10+ will be:➡️ July 4-8➡️ August 29-September 2✳️ Camps start 8:30am and end 1:30pm daily. On Fridays pick up is 2pm

💟 Kids need: proper riding gear (long pants, closed toed shoes preferably with a heel, a helmet dress for the weather bring layers of clothes), a lunch, a hat and a pen and binder with note paper if possible but not mandatory

😊✅ No experience is necessary but you must be 10 this year (2022). We will be teaching everything from horsemanship to haltering, leading, tying, hoof picking, grooming, saddling, parts of the horse, breeds of horses, colouration, markings, trail riding, and etiquette, and obstacle course fun.

Kids will be paired with a horse and will have that horse all week 😊.

💲The Cost is $400 for the week. Regular lesson kids are subject to a discount.📝 Waivers to be signed for each participant 📱 PM us to reserve your spot. Only 6 spots available per camp.

Summer Camps 2022

2022 Spring Break Horse Camp

Here’s the info for the 2022 camps 😊🌷Spring Break Horse Camp is back!! 🐴🐣🗓

Dates for day camps are: March 21 March 23 March 25, March 28, April 2 & 4th.

Camps run Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays during the week NOT Saturday as we have our regular lesson kids on that day.


These are one-day camps open to children ages 5+. We will be taking 6-8 kids per camp.💲 Cost for the day is $100 Regular HHR lesson kids $90 Siblings $90 each☑️ kid will need a lunch, warm clothes, a mask if you choose, a riding helmet (one can be provided if needed), winter boots, gloves, and a parent or legal guardian to sign the waivers (more waivers now due to COVID-19).🐴 Activities will include: meet and greet, farm tour with petting zoo, scavenger hunt, meet the horses, horsemanship 101, grooming, hoof picking, saddling, and riding plus games & crafts!⏰ Drop off 8:45 am pick up 2:30 pm.✏️

To register please call 250 364-0333 or email bookings@hardingheightsranch.com or pm us or comment here ☺️.❇️$50 non-refundable deposits are required to hold your spot. Etransfer to bookings@hardingheightsranch.com, check or cash also accepted. 🔅

First come first serve, limited spaces available.🔅📍 Located at HHR, 241 Hillcrest Drive in Oasis (Trail).

Please SHARE ♻️‼️Once again we will be taking nominations for an underprivileged child to attend a one-day Horse camp for free over spring break! ☺️🐴👩🏼‍🌾☀️🧒🏼👦🏽👫🐰💓Please pm us to nominate a child in need ❤️


Long Trail Rides are Fun

So fun!! 🤩 Saddle parts yesterday… parts of the hoof today, favourite riding disciplines, favourite breed and colour, markings and more! 🐴 Long trail ride again today! Learning to trot in the obstacle course. Good to learn things before hitting the trail 🐎👩‍🌾 Last day tomorrow (sad) but lunch on the mountain ⛰ will be great ☺️!!Oh and did I mention baby ducks 🐣!!

Harding Heights Ranch Re-Opening Next Week.

Harding Heights Ranch Ltd. is sharing a COVID-19 update.

🌟HHR will be re-opening next week YAY!!

👏🏽✅Covid-19 precautions will be in place.

🐴At this time we will only be open for lessons and trail rides.

🚫NO birthday parties, camps or special events at this time.

📃Extra waivers to be signed COVID-19 Information & PoliciesHygiene Safety Regulations for Customers:

▶️Horseback riding provides natural social distancing for guests and is a great way to breathe in the freshest air nature has to offer.

▶️Masks must be worn at all times while you are on the ground, but can be lowered once you are moving on the horse.

▶️Guests are asked to use hand sanitizers available on arrival and departure.

▶️Social distancing rules apply – guests or bubbles (customer groups) and staff must keep a distance of at least 2 meters between one another.

▶️All reins, saddles and helmets will be cleaned and sanitized between rides and there is increased sanitization of all high touch areas on the farm.

When can my kids ride horses again?

Harding Heights Ranch is a responsible small business in the West Kootenays that provides a wonderful service for kids and families.

Earlier this year, they made the decision to shut down their Horse Camps because of the pandemic sweeping North America and the World out of safety for kids in this area that love horses. They have been waiting patiently for this pandemic to subside before considering opening things up again.

Later in September, there are plans for a soft opening of the ranch to the public for horseback riding. Shauntelle Harding and Irene Harding will let people know more about this in later September 2020.

I assist them with managing their Harding Heights Ranch website at hardingheightsranch.com and it will be exciting to see kids riding horses again later this year. Randall McCallum Site Administrator


Learn how to draw an Easter egg folding surprise! We also give you the challenge to finish your drawing by adding more Easter decorations.


We hope you enjoy the Learning to Draw Series as a way to keep kids engaged and busy during the social isolation at home.

On Monday, we will learn to draw Captain Underpants.


Everyone in the world is being affected by  COVID-19. Here in Canada it is highly recommended taking a precautionary measure called “physical distancing.” This means kids and adults should be at least one metre or even a horse length apart from others. Public health officials have also suggested that people stay at home and limit all non-essential trips. So what do you do to keep the kids busy?

With physical distancing and self-isolation becoming a part of our lives, each day we give you suggestions for how you can follow the guidance of health experts, while also keeping yourself and your loved ones busy and “out” in nature. After you do your birding, spend some time learning to draw a Big Easter Bunny Portrait.

On Friday we will learn to draw an Easter Egg Folding Surprise.


Not all physical distancing activities need to happen indoors. Spring is here and many birds are getting ready for their northern migration. Birding by yourself or with your parents or parent is a perfect opportunity to not only distance yourself from others but to also gain a greater appreciation of the nature you have in your own backyard and this will help to relieve stress. 

There are plenty of feathered friends and other urban wildlife that can be spotted from your window, or from the safety and comfort of your yard.

Remember! Tomorrow we will learn to draw an Easter Egg Folding Surprise.


It is tough staying inside and not being able to go play with your friends. To help kids adjust to being indoors with the social distancing rules in place we decided to teach kids how to draw. We found some excellent videos, and by following along with this video you will learn how to draw a horse!

Tomorrow we will learn to draw a big Easter Bunny portrait.