Last Day of the Summer 2017 Horse Camp.
This week long in August 2017 horse camp has been so fun with these kids that we are so sad for tomorrow to be the last day ❤. Proud of you girls!! 👏🏼 – Shauntelle Harding

REVIEW from Randall McCallum, Chamber Answers

The Joy of Summer: Harding Heights Ranch Horse Camp 2017

Harding Heights Ranch is an inspirational success story to the local Trail Rossland Castlegar area and exemplifies the qualities that have made it a successful family run establishment. Today is the final day of the Summer Horse Camp August 2017, and smiles, and excitement is everywhere and contagious. You can trust in their natural chemistry when the family gets together to offer a horse camp for children, as the abilities of Shauntelle Irene Harding and her mother Irene Harding show what it is like to productively work together and interact as a team shine through. This makes you take notice when you visit the ranch, as you know your child will effectively become part of the family. As you can imagine, it’s important for family-owned business owners to have individuals who mesh perfectly with their approach to making every visitor feel special. And SPECIAL CARE is what every child and adult receive at Harding Heights Ranch.

When you visit, you will find the Harding family to be hands on and more personable. You will soon begin to feel like extended family each time you visit, and this is part of the magic they offer to develop a strong bond with each and every child and their parents.

You can depend on the speed and accuracy of their service. They are a proud family-run operation, and Shauntelle and Irene have built impeccable personal reputations that are on the line when they make commitments to their customers. Often, this ensures expedient joyous results. “After all, the family is a natural team,” and you can be assured of their high values. Everyone wants to find local businesses that they can trust. However, it can often be difficult to differentiate between the trustworthy and the non-trustworthy businesses out there. The Harding family are “real people”, and they have legs up on the competition in that regard because the names of their wonder filled Ranch is directly associated with their family legacies of TRUST and LOVE. The horses and each and every living creature on the ranch is family too. That’s a smile builder.

What people are saying about Harding Heights Ranch experience:

“Have always heard such positive feedback about the wonderful events for young and old alike.” – Jo Renee Frost – Coordinator at Sweet Home Care

“IT’S AWESOME.” Raymond Palmer

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