Everyone in the world is being affected by  COVID-19. Here in Canada it is highly recommended taking a precautionary measure called “physical distancing.” This means kids and adults should be at least one metre or even a horse length apart from others. Public health officials have also suggested that people stay at home and limit all non-essential trips. So what do you do to keep the kids busy?

With physical distancing and self-isolation becoming a part of our lives, each day we give you suggestions for how you can follow the guidance of health experts, while also keeping yourself and your loved ones busy and “out” in nature. After you do your birding, spend some time learning to draw a Big Easter Bunny Portrait.

On Friday we will learn to draw an Easter Egg Folding Surprise.


Not all physical distancing activities need to happen indoors. Spring is here and many birds are getting ready for their northern migration. Birding by yourself or with your parents or parent is a perfect opportunity to not only distance yourself from others but to also gain a greater appreciation of the nature you have in your own backyard and this will help to relieve stress. 

There are plenty of feathered friends and other urban wildlife that can be spotted from your window, or from the safety and comfort of your yard.

Remember! Tomorrow we will learn to draw an Easter Egg Folding Surprise.