Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What information do you require to make reservations?

Please email us at out Contact Us page:

You can also email us at:

Include the following: Full name, amount of people, area code and phone number, valid email address.
Include the service you are requesting.

The Harding Heights Ranch offers: Year round guided trail rides, children’s birthday parties, lessons in basic western riding and horsemanship, kids horse camps, horse drawn rides and Christmas light tours, farm tours and pony rides with petting zoo plus horse training, conditioning and rehabilitation.

Have you checked the information in your reservation booking request before sending the email?
If so, please submit request. We appreciate your booking request and will respond to your reservation booking request via email within 12 to 24 hours.

What are the Riding Trails Like at Harding Heights Ranch?

The trails are wonderful. We are very lucky to have such a diverse and wonderful area to ride in. Most of the trails are single file riding trails that wind through the many diverse areas.

Lower down we have stands of poplar and birch with a few pine and as you climb the rocky passes that the wildlife have carved over the years the forests turn to mainly pine trees with the odd stands of birch and poplar. There are lots of ferns that grow to be quite tall and lush in the summer, lots of grassy areas that the horses love to graze on, including a diverse array of vegetation.

There is a meadow that we stop in at the half way point on most of the rides where we allow the horses to munch for a bit and this gives us an opportunity to take pictures and relax enjoying the beautiful scenery. It is beautiful and we definitely feel closer to God and to nature on these excursions!

Creeks and Ponds
There are also creeks and ponds during the spring season that we cross. Watch out though as the horses like to play in these!

Views of the Valley
On the way up, the trails are a bit of climb and of course on the way home we are descending. This type of riding can give you a bit of a workout but it is definitely worth it!! We do have trails that are less of a climb for beginners if you prefer. We also have awesome view points of Trail and the Columbia River Valley as well as the mountains up around the ski hill in Rossland. Our sturdy hooved barefoot horses will take great care of you on this rough terrain, no slipping with a barefoot horse!

If we are lucky we can run into a diverse array of wildlife including deer, elk, moose, bear, coyote, rabbit, lots of birds including turkeys, hawks, eagles, grouse, owl, and turkey vultures and once in awhile the occasional raccoon or skunk – be sure to bring along your camera as there are some amazing photo ops!

How old do kids have to be to go on a Trail Ride?
What age do children have to be, to get on a horse at Harding Heights Ranch. Safety first.

What age do children have to be, to get on a horse at Harding Heights Ranch?
In order to go on a trail ride kids have to be 10 years of age or older.
However, there is an exception – if there are two guides available then the second guide can “pony” a child between the ages of 6-10. And of course there has to be a waiver signed by the parent of the child before the ride and helmets are mandatory.

How do I book a Reservation?

How do I book a reservation for a Birthday Party, a guided trail ride, a lesson, a farm tour/pony ride or a horse drawn ride?

Answer: You can contact us by going to the “Contact Us” section on the front page:

Call Us
Please call Irene or Shauntelle at 250 364-0333 or 250 368-1611 or you can email us your booking information at:
Send us an email to:

*Keep in mind that during our busy seasons from June – September you need to book 1-2 weeks in advance.
When sending us an email to book your event, please state the type of booking at the top of the email. Please include the amount of people for the booking. Also, please provide contact information to us, so we can make sure to give you the service we want to give you.

If I want to have a Birthday Party at the Ranch, what does it include?
I have heard that Birthday Parties are fun at Harding Heights Ranch.

A birthday party at Harding Heights Ranch entails a whole lot of fun!! We usually are in contact with the parent(s) 1-3 weeks prior to the event in order to sort out numbers etc. and also to arrange for pick up of waivers that have to be signed by the parents of the children attending the Birthday Party.

Waiver: This is usually done by sending the waiver along with the invitation for the party, which works out quite well. The birthday parties tend to run about 2 hours but this depends on the # of kids (2 hour time blocks are set aside for the birthday party when reserving).

Once all of the children have arrived and waivers have been checked and the rules gone over we then proceed with the Farm Tour of all of the animals including bunnies, chickens, pigeons, sheep, dogs, cats, peacocks, geese, ducks, two miniature donkeys, lots of horses, and an African Grey parrot (if the weather permits) of which the kids get to pet and feed and collect the eggs of the hens.

Then we proceed to take out a horse or two (depending on the # of kids and the ages of the kids) in which the kids participate in and learn about grooming and the picking of the hooves. We then teach those interested how to properly blanket and saddle the horse. Once saddled every child gets a turn to ride around the yard with the birthday girl/boy going first of course! The riding part tends to take a while so while we are taking turns doing this the kids can have their lunch/snacks etc.

In cooler weather a fire is optional (extra $10.00) or also can be available if the parents are wanting to roast hot dogs/marshmallows over the fire.

Each child gets a turn on the Horse(s)
After every child has had a turn on the horse(s) we then allow time for a group photo with the birthday girl/boy on the horse and all of their friends and family around. At the end is when they can usually have their cake/gift opening etc if this is chosen to be done at the farm.

There is Always Something for the children to Do
Harding Heights Ranch has a huge yard for playing equipment with picnic tables & 2 tire swings so there is always something to do! We look forward to booking a Birthday Party with your family for the 2012 season!

**Birthday parties must have a minimum of 5 kids and or pay the difference to make up for a minimum of $75.00. (Cost is $15.00/child).

What Are Your Rates for all things offered at Harding Heights Ranch?

We have various rates for each service we offer at Harding Heights Ranch.

Our rates are seasonal, meaning they go up when it is very busy and they go down when we are less busy.

Here is the list of pricing for summer of 2013:

Trail rides: (~1 hour and 20 minutes): $60.00/person – ages 10+ only
Lesson/Trail Ride: (2 hours): $75.00/person – ages 10+
Winter (December – February) (ages 10 and up)
– $50.00 (1 hour)

Lessons: (ages 6+): Introductory (1.5hours) $50.00
– Subsequent (1 hour) $40.00

Farm Tours and Horse Ride: ( age 2+): $15.00/person (minimum of 3 kids)
Farm Tour Only (any age): $10.00/person (minimum 4 people)

Wagon Rides/Christmas Light Tours: $175.00/wagon ( max 10 adults) or $20.00/adult & $12.00/child ages 3+ (~20 minutes)

Horse Training/Conditioning/Rehab: $600.00/month + you supply the feed

Birthday Parties: $15.00/person (2 hour time block) *Must have a minimum of 5 kids or pay the difference to make up for $75.00.

Summer Horse Camp: (week long) Ages 10+: $60.00/day so $300.00 for the week. (8:30am – 1:00pm Mon – Fri) *Regular lesson kids are subject to a discount*

Spring Break Day Camps: Offered are $100.00/child and run from 8:30am – 2:30pm
*Wagon rides are subject to availability and or prices may vary.*
**Weight restrictions for trail rides is 240 lbs.

When are the Horse Camps in 2012? What is the Cost of the Horse Camps?
We plan to hold a series of Horse Camps in 2012. See below for further details.
Spring Break Day Horse Camps for the 2012 season will be running Monday March 12 and Wednesday March 21 (ages 5-6), Wednesday March 14 (ages 7-9) & Friday March 16 (ages 10+). Kids will arrive at 9:00am and be ready for pick up by 2:30pm.

Kids do not have to have any horse experience. If the weather is bad we will be postponing these camps to the following week.

During horse camp kids will be learning about horsemanship, grooming, hoof care, western riding, trail riding, obstacle course, safety, teamwork, farm chores, baking horse cookies etc. There will also be games and a craft.
Parents are asked to please pack your children a healthy lunch as we will break for lunch at 12:00pm. If your child has his/her own helmet please bring that as well. Long pants, boots with a heel, and appropriate clothing for the weather is preferred. For the spring season please ensure warm clothes and either winter boots or muck boots of some sort and a pair of indoor shoes.

**There is a peanut allergy in the 10+ age group, so that group please not peanuts or anything with peanut butter**

What is the Cost of the Horse Camps?
Spring Break Horse Camp Costs: $75.00

*To register for horse camp please call 250 364-0333 or email us using our email bookings at:

You can also email us to arrange for your Camp booking at:

July and August 2012
Summer Horse Camps usually run early July and late August. These are week long camps and are subject to kids ages 10+. Cost is $60.00/day or $300.00 for the week.
**Regular lesson kids are subject to a discount.**

Where are you Located? How do I get to Harding Heights Ranch Ltd?
Where is the Harding Heights Ranch located? See directions below.

Harding Heights Ranch is located 5 minutes from Trail towards Castlegar in lovely Oasis.
Turn left off of the highway to Castlegar from Trail onto Hanna Road, and drive into the small hamlet community of Oasis. Turn up the hill onto Hillcrest Drive, and drive all the way up Hillcrest Drive to the end of the road. This brings you to Harding Heights Ranch.

Is there Weight Restrictions for Horseback Riding at Harding Heights?
Weight restrictions for Horseback Riding. Ranch Safety.

Is there weight restrictions for horseback riding at Harding Heights Ranch Ltd.? A. Yes. We do not take anybody over the weight of 240 lbs on any of our rides as it is unfair to our average sized horses as well as unfair to the person.

Our rides can be quite demanding physically and if you are not in decent shape you will not have a good experience on our trails. Sorry for any inconveniences.

What is the history of Harding Heights Ranch?
Harding Heights Ranch Ltd. is a small family owned horseback riding business located in the beautiful Columbia River Valley region of British Columbia, Canada. We take pride in our animals and in our home.

Harding Heights Ranch Ltd. is probably the only Ranch that you will ever visit that does not use bits in the horses mouths or shoes on their hooves; instead we use a more natural way and we ride our horse in rope halters. Harding Heights also does not believe in shoeing our horses – all 15 of our horses go barefoot! You too can come and enjoy this “newer” way of interacting with horses and see how truly happy our horses really are!!

Please come and visit us and book your Trail adventure today!